Our Policy


All customers are expected to adhere to our terms and conditions regarding our policies. Should there be any misunderstandings or concerns regarding the policies outlined, customers are required to communicate these to our company via email at: hello@ieknows.com. Failure to contact us regarding any issues with our policies before making a purchase will result in the matter not being addressed or resolved.


To maintain a secure shopping environment for our customers, ALL orders flagged as high risk of fraud detection will be automatically canceled and refunded. This proactive measure is implemented to safeguard our customers and prevent potential chargebacks.


When making any purchases through our company, all sales are considered final. Refunds and chargebacks will only be accepted in the event of a defective or damaged item reported within 1 week of delivery. For inquiries regarding refunds and item exchanges, please contact our email team: hello@ieknows.com


All purchases are final and cannot be refunded unless the item is shown to be defective or damaged within 1 week of delivery. For inquiries about refunds and item exchanges, please contact our email team: hello@ieknows.com

Shipping Delay Disclaimer

ieknows acknowledges that while we strive to ensure timely delivery of all shipments, there may be circumstances beyond our control that could lead to shipping delays. These circumstances may include, but are not limited to, adverse weather conditions, carrier operational issues, natural disasters, customs delays, and unforeseen logistical challenges.

As such, ieknows hereby disclaims any responsibility for shipping delays that occur after the package has been handed over to the designated carrier for delivery. While we will make every effort to assist in tracking and resolving any issues that may arise during transit, we cannot guarantee delivery dates or times.

Customers are encouraged to track their shipments using the provided tracking information and to directly contact the carrier for specific inquiries about the status of their delivery. ieknows will provide support and assistance to the best of our ability within the framework of our policies and procedures.

By proceeding with a purchase from ieknows, customers acknowledge and accept that shipping times and delivery dates are estimates only and are subject to change without prior notice due to circumstances beyond our control.

This shipping delay disclaimer is effective immediately and applies to all orders placed with ieknows henceforth.

Francis Aihe

January, 2024